Call us for help at +1 844 473 5777 is not just a social networking website it provides many more services like
Fmarket A virtual share market where people can sell and purchase multiimate virtual shares. (we do not involve real money in any way).
LiineDrive Some space is provided to all the site members for storing their personal/confidential data.
Anonymous page : people can share post and comment anonymousely.some most common absuive words are blured.sorry...:p
IclubsOnly club members can view the conversations.Non club members can never visit your club.
Account genuinity : We personaly verify each and every account.if the account's email is not verified or account is suspended the account holder can not post/comment anywhere on the site.After all the details have verified the account is said to be genuine.
We have lot more features related to security and privacy.
There is a seprate page for ads where you can also see the details of the ad poster (contact informations).
FIN : friend's identification number every member is provided with a unique number.which makes searching friends most accurate.just edit the fin in the address bar of browser and hit enter, you will directly land on your friend's profile. there is double i in the name which says that every individual has two identity one in the real world and one in the world of internet. So just not waste time join today and get your another identity.
Some of the images used on have been downloaded or purchased from these website.
Know profile
Understand Fmarket
Know about liineDrive
Know about Iclubs.
1 : Multiimate logo. linked to Mypage
2 : Edit your profile. update your profile pic and details
3 - 6 : these tabs count your unread messages,unvisited friend request,proposals and invitations (click on them to see in action).
7 - 8 :Total friends and fans (click on them to see in action).
9 : Counts total posts on your page (non clickable).
10 :on the basis of your total friends,fans,posts etc. you are provided with some points to compare with friends (non clickable).
11 - 13 : Profile information tabs.
14 : Your profile pic visible to all the members on
15 : Suggested friends,based on the details filled in your profile .
16 : Post area. make a post/update.
17 : search friends. type name,email,mobile for instant search and just hit enter for searching all the members having the matching detail.
18 : this is very important !! tells you and your friends about the status of your profile .It can have 4 values verify your email,verification pending,suspended account and genuine account.if you have not verified your email or your account is suspended you will not be able to post/comment anywhere on
19 : To delete the post Single click.You will not get any prompt.
20-22 : to follow,hit or to see the commenst of any post.
23 : Notifications(Notifies you about any post/comment fmarket,anonymous page or anything that may intrest you).
24 : Profile page linked to Mypage.
25 : Anonymous page
26 : More. it has Album,Control room,Addves page,ChitChat page,Fmarket and liinedrive.
27 : Logout. !!!!!!
1 : Account balance.Initially you will be given some virtual cash to play with
2 : Shares that you are having in your account. Initially we will give you 5 shares to trade
3 : Buy some shares.Linked to virtual share market. All the shares listed for selling are here (click on them to see in action).
4 :Current market points. It is based on Number on new joins,online members,no of share sellers and buyers,total hits,comments,posts etc.. on the site. Varies automatically after every 8 seconds.
5 : Trade in share. sell your share. You will have to pause the market before selliing any share .you can not sell share at a price greater then current exchange rate.After pause every thing will be freezed!!! Market rate dosent varies.
6 :How to play with fmarket (click to see in action).
7 : some recent and hot shares listed for selling in market.You can buy them here only.
8 : Current exchange Rate. depends on the Current market rate.
1 - 2 : Doc and Pic folder.All your uploaded files are here (click to see in action).
3 : Received files.All the files that your friend may have shared with you are here (click to see in action).
4 : Instant lock the drive (click to see in action).
5-6 :Your Drive meter.Initially you are given with 213 mb storage (learn space management).This meter tells you about your free and used space.
7-9 : Upload form elements.First tell us the folder (default is doc) select the file from your computer and now upload it.
10 :your Deleted files (may be called as dustbin).If you delete the files from here it will be deleted permanently.!!
11 : your uploaded file. bring the cursor on it to get the other options like downloading it,deleting it,and uploaded time.
12-14 : File options like rename,share and migrate. (click to see in action)
1 : Iclub Cover. To change it just click on the manage club button (4).there are 12 cover already provided you but you can also set your own cover.
2 : Club's president pic. linked to president's profile.
3 : Club name and total conversations on it.
4 :manage cub can change cover,invite friends,and rename the club (click to see in action).
5 : Start a conversation now.This is a post area.
6 :All your Iclubs.You may be a member of that club or president.
7 : Club members. Name linked to their respective profiles.
8 : Conversation.When ever any conversation starts all the club members are notified.
9 : All the comments on the conversation (click to see in action)
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A concept production by Rahul jha
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